Tennstop 1 Pint Tankard King’s Shilling

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“The straight sided, heavy gauge tankard is complete with text that reads; ‘The King's Shilling, England's navy while being the life line for the small island nation were always short of trained sailors. To get more men to join the navy the press gangs were sent out to recruit men between the ages of 18 and 55 some would be knocked unconscious, threatened with a sword, pistol or musket, or plied with ale. Others would find a shilling at the bottom of their tankard of ale and since they were in possession for the king's shilling, they were in the navy. This led to landlords using glass bottom tankards.'

The tankard is completed with its own glass bottom, complete with enclosed Shilling and a gorgeous Worcester rope style handle to give it a historic and striking overall look, as well as having the added interest of the story which it tells.”

Tennstop med gravering och glasbotten med löst Shilling mynt i botten, uppskattad present med historisk anekdot. 

Kommer i fin presentbox. Höjd: ca 14cm