Miniväska i tartan

385 kr

Söt och stilfull väska för det nödvändigaste när du vill bära lätt och smidigt. Klädd i tartan MacNaughton* eller Buccleuch*.

*MacNaughton originally descended from the Pictish rulers of Moray. The MacNaughtons settled around Loch Awe and Loch Fyna in the 13th century. Over the next few centuries the MacNaughtons lost land and due to opposing Robert the Bruce and later as a consequence of battles with the Campbells. In 1843, David MacNaughton was tried for the murder of Edward Drummond, Private Secretary to Sir Robert Peel. From the closing judgement come “The MacNaughton Rules” which are still used in the trials of the criminally insane. Today the MacNaughton name is most commonly found in the Highlands and Perth and Kinross.

*The name Buccleuch originates from the 10th century. King Kenneth’s party was in a ravine, or “cleuch”, in the heart of the forest when a young buck charged at the unarmed King. Legend has it that John Scott saved the kings life by seizing the buck by the antlers and wrestling it to the ground. From that day on the Scotts were known as Buccleuch (the buck from the ravine”).

Mått: 14 cm x 16,5 cm x 8 cm

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